At Monterey Church, our discipleship model and membership commitments are the same.​ When we are faithfully and consistently following Jesus in the six areas below,​ the Holy Spirit transforms us to look more like our Creator.

Spiritual Disciplines

Attendance to weekly gatherings

Hebrews 10:25

Membership in dGroup (discipleship group)

Acts 2:46

Time spent in the Word and prayer

Luke 5:16

Participation on a Serve Team

Mark 10:45

Tithes and Offerings

Malachi 3:8-10

Investing in and inviting others

2 Corinthians 5:20

Monterey Church Membership

If you are faithfully and consistently meeting the six commitments above,​ and would like to be a member of Monterey Church, click on the button and fill out the membership covenant form below. We don’t ask this to be legalistic, but to be intentional about our commitment to Christ and one another. This invitation is open to you as you feel led by God to make Monterey Church your church.

Spiritual Practices

Spiritual Practices are another great way to grow as a disciple in Christ. Each month, we encourage our body to learn more about and focus on one.


If you have ever been curious about fasting, or have just wanted to learn more, this teaching covers the what, why and how of fasting. 


A brief teaching about the Sabbath that discusses the Biblical basis and benefits of incorporating this discipline into your weekly schedule. You will not regret exploring and celebrating the gift of "Shabbat"!


A short teaching on the spiritual practice of Meditation and Contemplation, digging into the what, why and how to implement meditation into your life.


Find our more about practicing Solitude & Silence and how to implement it into your life.


Practicing simplicity for Jesus followers is where we intentionally live with less in order to make room for what we value most...which is God.


Find out more about what is means to slow down and be more intentional with God